We are now left with less than ten years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as we already entered into Decade of Action and delivery for sustainable development by 2030. We Board of Environmental Sustainability Trust (BEST) are committed to bring change in lives of millions. We strongly believe that achievement of 17 Goals of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) is the true path. For inclusive growth and development of world, countries, Societies, and everyone on this planet, SDG is an instrument and guide for us. 

Formation of BEST (Board of Environmental Sustainability Trust) itself is inspired by the Goal 17, i.e. partnerships. BEST is actively collaborating and working with all stakeholders from United Nations, to government of countries & States, Non government organizations, Industrial Bodies, Civil Society, Academia and people at large. Objective of BEST is to make sure no- body should be left behind in this race of development, and hence following Action areas identified

  • SDG Awareness Campaigns
  • SDG Training Programs & Seminars
  • SDG Implementation Survey
  • Environmental Sustainability Projects
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • SDG Academic Environment
  • Poverty Eradication Program
  • Social Welfare Projects
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • SDG Research & Development
  • Partnership & Collaboration
  • SDG Policy Implementation Initiatives
  • Social Forestry Development Program
  • Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation Program
  • Climate Change Impact Management
  • Disasters Management
  • Community Development Program

Aligned with the call of The UN Secretary-General on all sectors of society to mobilize for a decade of action into three levels: 

Global action – BEST strategy toward Global Action is to secure greater leadership, more resources and smarter solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. BEST Patrons across globe contributing and helping countries to bring solutions to the other part of the world.

Local action- BEST strategy toward local Action is embedding the needed transitions in the policies, budgets, institutions and regulatory frameworks of governments, cities and local authorities, NGOs, Educational institutions, and other driving force for resource mobilization as impactful actions implementation   

People action – BEST strategy toward people action includes youth, civil society, the media, the private sector, unions, academia and other stakeholders, to generate an unstoppable movement pushing for the required transformations and more than that bring synergy in efforts and achieve common goal.

5 Years in Action

The UN SDG Action Campaign is a UN system-wide initiative hosted and supported by UNDP and it operates with a lean team based in Bonn.

The team brings together diverse skills, and operates through an agile, adaptable business model that provides partners with on-demand strategic creative support to inspire SDG action.

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Environmental protection, Socially responsible investment & actions and Governance measures are aimed at maintaining Sustainable development embraces environmental, social and economic objectives, to deliver long-term equitable growth which benefits current and future generations


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Our Mission

Sustainability Literacy” is the knowledge, skills and mindsets that allow individuals to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future and that help them to make informed and effective decisions to this end

 Our mission is to expand sustainable knowledge, skills, and mindset that motivates individuals to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future and to make informed and effective decisions.  

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