Board of Environmental Sustainability Trust provides a forum where top industrialists, NGOs, International organizations, Renowned personalities, Academicians come together to collaborate, share knowledge and experience. The membership shall have the following classes:

  • BEST Membership

Any firm, Corporation, enterprise,  Chamber of Commerce, or other similar institution, which in the opinion of the Committee, is interested in the development of the Sustainable development  goals and agenda of BEST, may be admitted by the Board as a Member.

BEST Members may be of the following classes:

  1. a) Annual Membership: Those who pay their membership subscription, as decided by the Board, on annual basis.
  2. b) Lifetime membership: Those who pay the one-time membership subscription as decided by the Board.

Membership fee Table


  • Patron Membership is of two categories
  • International Patron Members

Any individual holding in the opinion of the BEST a responsible executive or administrative position in an industrial or commercial firm, government enterprise, consulting firm or any other like establishment, which involves the study and application of management principles and the effective utilization of human and material resources, also any individual teaching management subjects in an educational institution, shall be eligible for Individual Membership.

  • Country Patron Membership:

Any individual, who in the opinion of the BEST, is interested in the development of the management movement and who pays his or her membership subscription, as decided by the BEST on an annual basis, may be admitted by the Committee as an Individual Annual Member.

Membership Category
Annual Fee(Abroad)
Annual Fee(India)
Lifetime Membership(Abroad)
Lifetime Membership(India)
General Membership
10 USD
750/- INR
100 USD
INR 7,500
Student Membership
375/- INR
50 USD
INR 3,750
Corporate Membership
25 USD
2100/- INR
250 USD
INR 21,000
Institutional / Org. Membership
20 USD
1500/- INR
200 USD
INR 15,000
Non Profit organisation
15 USD
1050/- INR
150 USD
INR 10,500

Patron Table

Who Can Become a Member?

  • Students having Graduate degree and/ or undergoing professional courses such as MBA, CA, CS, Engineers, Doctors, Sustainability, Environment and Safety etc
  • Any person having professional qualifications such as MBA, CA, CS, Engineers, Doctors, Sustainability, Environment and Safety etc. and who is employed in any organization or having professional self practice.
  • Entrepreneurs with adequate qualification can also enroll as Member.
  • Corporations, institutions may take membership

Benefits for Members

  • All the program announcements will be mailed directly to Members’ contact address.
  • Members get a 10% concession in attending paid training programs which has not otherwise mentioned (For Patron Members it is 20%).
  • Free issue of Sustainability Chronicle and other useful booklets published by BEST.

International Patron Membership

Asian Countries
299 USD
Gulf Countries
399 USD
250 EURO
349 USD
USA / Others
400 USD

Country Patron

199 USD
250 USD
150 USD
149 USD
199 USD


Best Global Ambassador
25 USD
Best Country Ambassador
15 USD
Best State Ambassador
Best Campus Ambassador
Best Student Ambassador
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Address of the Correspondence
I read the membership scheme managed by Board of Environmental Sustainability Trust (BEST) and abide by its rules and regulation, more fully stated here above.


Global Safety Ambasaddor (GSA)

National Safety Ambasaddor (NSA)

State Safety Ambasaddor (SSA)

Best Safety Ambasaddor (BSA)



25 USD

To Reach BSA Refer 6 General@ members

To Reach SSA Refer 10 General@ members

To Reach NSA Refer 25 General@ members

To Reach GSA Refer 45 General@ members/5 Corp members


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